International School of Structural Biology and Magnetic Resonance
3rd Course:
Protein Dynamics, Function and Design

Co-Directors: Jean-François Lefèvre and Oleg Jardetzky

April 16-28, 1997

To be held at the Ettore Majorana Centre for Scientific Culture, Erice, Sicily, Italy

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This Advanced Study Institute will cover structural and dynamic studies of proteins, relating them to protein function and the possibilities of protein design. Methods for the study of protein structure and dynamics continue to evolve and increase in accuracy and precision, with a resultant increase in the understanding of protein function. Our Course will integrate structure and dynamic information that has been obtained by different methods and provide a perspective on the major research questions in structural biology. Our aim is to provide the student with a critical appreciation of the principal methods that can be brought to bear on problems of protein structure, dynamics and function.

The basic principles of these methods of study of protein structure and dynamics - x-ray diffraction, NMR, molecular dynamics and molecular modeling - will first be given in a series of introductory lectures. Additional presentations will focus on specific examples of protein structure determination, experimental and theoretical studies of protein dynamics by different methods, protein-ligand interactions, structure-function relations in proteins, and protein and protein analog design.

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Day 1
Oleg Jardetzky Overview
Hans Frauenfelder The Energy Landscape of Proteins
Jean-François Lefèvre Principles of NMR and Dynamics
Day 2
William Lipscomb Principles and Methods of Protein Crystallography
Rudolf Rigler Spectroscopy of Stochastic Processes and Correlated Motions
Rudolf Rigler Spectroscopy of Ensemble and Single Molecule Events
Day 3
Oleg Jardetzky Protein Dynamics
Hans Frauenfelder Protein Dynamics and Reactions
Hans Frauenfelder Structure, Dynamics and Function of Myoglobin
Jeff Hoch Molecular Dynamics Simulations: Nuts, Bolts and an Application
Poster Session I
Day 4
William Lipscomb The Structural Basis of Allostery
Anthony A. Kossiakoff Hormone-Receptor Complexes: The Role of Molecular Recognition in Receptor Specificity and Activation
John Markley Kinetics and Thermodynamis of Proteins
Rudolf Rigler Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy: Applications in Life Sciences
Poster Session II
Day 5
Anthony A. Kossiakoff Design of Molecular Interfaces Using Phage Display Mutagenesis and Non-natural Amino Acids
John Markley NMR Investigations of Active Sites of Iron-Sulfur Proteins
Andreas Plückthun What if Rational Design Fails? The Power of Evolutionary Methods
Day 6 - Excursion -Monreale and Palermo or Favignana
Day 7
Brian Sykes Interactions of Antifreeze Proteins with Ice: Sidechain Dynamics
Angela Gronenborn Flexibility of DNA-binding Proteins: Implications for Function
Joseph D. Puglisi RNA NMR Spectroscopy
Student Workship I - Structure
Day 8
Brian Sykes Mechanism of Action of Calcium-signaling Proteins
Jeff Hoch Modern Spectrum Analysis and Reduced Structure Representation in Protein NMR
Christopher Dobson Following Protein Folding in Real Time using NMR
Student Workship II - Protein Folding
Day 9
Angela Gronenborn Structures of Protein/Nucleic Acid Complexes
Jeff Hoch NMR and Physical Studies on Prolactin
Joseph D. Puglisi Structural Basis of Aminoglycoside Antibiotic Action
Afternoon Excursion - Selinunte and Segesta
Day 10
Christopher Dobson The Structural Basis of Protein Folding
Andreas Plückthun Designing Antibodies with Improved Binding, Folding Efficiency and Stability
Jean-François Lefèvre Fucosylation and Structural Design
Poster Session III
Day 11
Student Workship III - Structure
Student Workship IV - Methods
Student Workship V - Methods

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The total fee, including full board and lodging (arranged by the School) will be US $1,200.


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