International School of Structural Biology and Magnetic Resonance
4th Course:
Dynamics, Structure and Function of Biological Macromolecules

Co-Directors: Oleg Jardetzky and Jean-François Lefèvre

May 25 - June 5, 1999

To be held at the Ettore Majorana Centre for Scientific Culture, Erice, Sicily, Italy

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This Advanced Study Institute's objective is summarize the current state of the field of protein studies focusing on the type of information that can be obtained about dynamic processes in proteins by NMR and other physical methods and the implications for protein and drug design.

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Oleg Jardetzky - Introduction to the Course and the Principles of NMR; Protein Dynamics; Issues of Accuracy and Precision and Limits of Our Knowledge of Macromolecular Systems
William N. Lipscomb - Introduction to X-Ray Crystallography ; Methods for Elucidation of Active Site and Allosteric Mechanisms in Chorismate Mutase: a Claisen Rearrangement; Active Site and Allosteric Mechanisms of Yeast Chorismate Mutase
Richard R. Ernst - Dynamics in Biomolecules Explored by NMR and Computer Simulation: Intramolecular Dynamics in a Cyclic Peptide; Dynamics in Biomolecules Explored by NMR and Computer Simulation: Intramolecular Dynamics and Folding of Ubiquitin
Wilfred van Gunsteren - Introduction to Biomolecular Simulation; Computation of Free Energy from Simulation
Brian Sykes - Dynamics and Thermodynamics of Calcium Regulatory Proteins; Mechanism of Action of Antifreeze Proteins
Ivano Bertini - New Structural Constraints for Solution Structure Determination arising from Electron-Nucleus Hyperfine Coupling; Structure, Mobility and Stability of Electron Transfer Proteins
Cheryl H. Arrowsmith - NMR Analysis of Large (>25 kDa) Proteins and Protein Complexes; Structure, Dynamics and Function of Yeast Transcript Elongation Factor TFIIS
Paul Rösch - Structures of Human Peptide Hormones in Solution; Structural Studies of Viral Regulatory Proteins
Dino Moras - Functional Studies by X-ray Crystallography; The tRNA Aminoacylation Reaction at Atomic Resolution
Kazuyuki Akasaka - Microwave T-Jump NMR; High Resolution-High Pressure NMR
Angela Gronenborn - Structural Studies of HIV-1 and AIDS Related Proteins; The Use of Dipolar Couplings for Structure Refinement: Practical Considerations for Sample Preparation
Patrice Koehl - Protein Sequence Design: Understanding Stability and Specificity ; Plasticity in Protein Sequence Space
Michael Levitt - Simulating the Danymaovs of Proteins and Nucleic Acids; Predicting the Structure of Proteins
Cornelius W. Hilbers - Introduction to NMR of Nucleic Acids; Application of NMR in the Study of the Structural Motifs in Nucleic Acids
Joseph D. Puglisi - RNA Structure Determination by NMR Spectroscopy ; Structural Basis for Ribosomal Accuracy
Elisabetta Puglisi - Role of RNA Structure in Retroviruses
Jeff Hoch - Signatures and Consequences of Hydrophobic Strain in Proteins

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The total fee, including full board and lodging (arranged by the School) will be US $1,200.


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