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Industrial Affiliates Program

Member Benefits:

SMRL offers a wide range of benefits for corporate members of the Industrial Affiliates Program. Some special offerings are described below:

  • Seminar Series - IAP members are invited to attend the Department of Structural Biology research seminar series featuring preeminent scientists from around the world. Members will be notified of upcoming speakers through e-mail invitations.
  • Technical Training for Corporate Scientists - IAP member scientists are invited to spend up to one week in Prof. PuglisiÕs laboratory and the SMRL facilities. During this time, visiting researchers can receive basic instruction on scientific methods and techniques of interest, and can interact with students and postdoctoral fellows.
  • Recruiting Day - Each spring, IAP members may participate in a lecture/luncheon day where they can present and discuss their corporate science program with our students and fellows.
  • NMR Spectrometer Time - IAP members will have access to SMRL NMR instrumentation at preferred rates. Spectrometer time will be arranged on an availability basis.
  • Faculty Consultation - After individual arrangement, IAP members may visit and consult with faculty members.
  • Library Privileges - IAP members will have facilitated access to campus library resources.

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